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UltraSoundGate 116Hnbm kit

part # 31176
Cost-effective and very small sized ultrasound recording system with EP3 or FG electret microphone, 5 m microphone extension cable, balanced analog input, rugged aluminum housing, USB 2.0 interface and the Avisoft-RECORDER USGH software. In conjunction with a small PC, this unit provides a cost-effective solution for passive bat call monitoring.
UltraSoundGate 116Hnbm
UltraSoundGate 116Hnbm base unit
UltraSoundGate 116Hnbm
USB connector
UltraSoundGate 116Hnbm
XLR connector
Number of channels 1
ADC type Delta-Sigma architecture with integrated adaptive anti-aliasing filter
Resolution16 bit
Sample rates [kHz] 300, 250, 214, 187.5, 166.6, 150, 125, 100, 75, 62.5, 50
Frequency response 1 - 135 kHz
Acoustic monitor output no
Overload indicator (red LED) no
Peak level meter (4 LEDs) no
Input sensitivity -9 dBV = -7 dBu = 0.35 Vrms
Gain adjustment potentiometer no (fixed gain)
Input impedance 50 kOhm
Analog input connector female XLR-5 socket
Other inputs external trigger input/output (TTL-compatible) on XLR pin 5
Computer interface USB 2.0, isochronous high-speed mode
Physical USB connection standard B-type USB socket
Supply current (drawn from the USB) 120 mA
Housing compact aluminum enclosure
Physical dimensions (W/H/D) in mm 36 x 43 x 110 (with microphone)
Weight 90 g (without microphone)
Included software Avisoft-RECORDER USGH
System requirements PC with at least an Intel Atom at 1 GHz, running Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10

Available Accessories

  • Sound analysis software Avisoft-SASLab Pro
  • Microphone extension cables (XLR-5) with custom-specific lengths up to 1000 m
  • Electret ultrasound microphone mounted on a 90 mm disk with remote-controlled reference signal generator, USB-powered heating and 5 m extension cable, complying with the BMU research project on reducing bat fatalities at wind turbines, part #40009 (the USG 116Hnbm with the #40009 disk microphone is available as a kit through order number #31178.
USG 116Hnbm principle

Principle of the UltraSoundGate 116Hnbm recording system

What are the advantages of Avisoft-UltraSoundGate 116Hnbm over other bat call recorders for passive bat monitoring?

  • Very long extension cables can be inserted between the microphone and the base unit/computer.
  • Unlimited continuous recording time. The only (theoretic) limitation is the size of the computer harddisk.
  • The included recording software offers a broad range of useful functions for passive monitoring applications (for instance Internet connectivity)
  • The PC platform ensures that the system can be easily integrated with additional (cost-efficient) components. It will be possible to incrementally upgrade the system as soon as new technologies (such as LTE internet services for instance) become available in the future.
See also the flyer UltraSoundGate advertising flyer (411KB pdf file).

In case it was sufficient to monitor and record signal frequencies below 80...90 kHz, the low-cost bat montoring system could be used instead of the UltraSoundGate 116Hnbm.

UltraSoundGate 116Hnbm User's Guide

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